Remote Monitor/Manage Control Panel

The control panel supplied with each interceptor tank at Kyeema further reinforces the concept of “flush and forget” for the homeowner through the use of the VeriComm™ monitoring system (see Fig. 4).

VeriComm Control Panels give homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their wastewater system is always being monitored. Through the use of a remote monitoring system in the control panel any problems or unusual conditions with the interceptor tank are alerted to Innoflow Australia and Kyeema Water for corrective action if required.

In addition to remote alerts and alarms, each VeriComm™ Panel constantly measures and monitors conditions on each lot in the development to ensure optimal operation of the system at all times. For example, if a float malfunctions, the service company is alerted of the problem but the panel continues to run, based on previous trend data. If water usage increases greatly compared to previous trends, the service company is notified of this anomaly.

Audible Alarm

If you see the red light flashing on the front of the control panel and/or hear an alarm call Kyeema Water. To stop the alarm sound, press the red button on the front of the panel.