Installation Of The Onsite Equipment

Kyeema Water will supply and install the Prelos™ interceptor tank and equipment at a pre-agreed fixed price and connect it to the service connection at your front boundary. Installation will include connection of the pumps, float switches and control panel.

Servicing Of Your Onsite System

The Prelos™ equipment is designed to have minimal servicing requirements, and the maintenance procedures and periodic inspections are designed to ensure the long life and correct operation of the system. Typically, this requires an annual service call.

Your system will be serviced and maintained by Innoflow Australia for the agreed annual fee included in your Service Agreement with Kyeema Water.

Care Of Your System

Your system will work better and provide trouble-free performance if you learn what can go into it and what cannot. Just read and practice the “do’s and don’ts” on the following pages. Every member of the household should be familiar with these.

Prelos Interceptor Tank Installation & Connection Detail Blending In A Prelos™ Interceptor Tank

It’s expected that most Interceptor tanks will be installed while the house is being built. Many questions are asked as to how the interceptor tank can be landscaped around, or hid onsite to ensure the tank is aesthetically pleasing. In general the only requirements of the tank are:

  • There is easy access to the tank & control panel for servicing/system pump outs
  • Ensure that the lids are just proud of ground level so nothing can fall into the tank when the lids are opened
  • The tank is not installed in an area where vehicles will be driven
  • The Control panel should be located as close as possible to the tank.
  • The tank should not be subjected to any further weight loading other than what would be expected with a 900mm cover of soil (the tank is rated for a soil cover of 900mm – no additional forces should be subjected to the tank – such include retaining walls/heavy machinery movements etc within the vicinity of the tank)